Diatomaceous Earth: Natural Worming for Horses

I first heard of and used diatomaceous earth (DE) when I was working on a ranch in California. I was intrigued to learn that this white powder, which we were adding to the horses feed, had numerous health benefits, including being a natural wormer. The lady who owned the ranch claimed she hadn’t had any issues with worms for years and owned a large number of horses, all of which received a small cup of DE a day.

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Zephyr Horses: Trekking in Byron Bay, Australia

Having been around horses my whole life, I was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms after spending my first few weeks without them on a recent trip to Australia. The horsey bug, if you’re lucky enough to catch it, doesn’t go away with time – it’s rather a terminal diagnosis that leaves you calling out every horse you see in a passing field and still getting that gleeful flutter when you swing your leg over for the thousandth time.

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