Coaching Sessions


  • 30 mins | £15
  • 45 mins – 1 hour | £25

Group (2+ riders)

  • 30 mins | £10
  • 45 mins – 1 hour | £20

Jumping or flatwork – sessions are tailored to suit individuals goals. Please ensure if you are organising a group session that all riders are roughly at the same level of riding.

No arena? No problem! Coaching available while you hack or ride in the field, as this can present new situations and challenges that you wouldn’t normally face riding in an arena. Also ideal for happy hackers that lack the facilities – or don’t need them – but still want to improve or make the most of their surroundings!

Confidence, age, and ability level are no barriers to success. Whether you’re learning to canter or want to better your jumping position – my sympathetic and constructive approach to coaching will help you reach your goals as a rider and partner to your horse.

Equine Sports and Rehabilitation Massage

Cert. ESMT, fully insured, and registered with the IAAMT. 

🔹 £45 per session 

🔹 Sessions last for around 1 hour (slightly longer on initial assessment to allow for complete history to be taken

🔹 They involve a combination of Sports Massage and Shiatsu techniques (see Shiatsu section further down the page for more info on this!), stretches, an assessment including static and dynamic observations, and an aftercare plan including any exercises

🔹 Discounts available for 3 or more horses booked in at the same yard on the same day 

Benefits of massage and shiatsu therapy include:

🌟 Increase range of movement

🌟 Reduces inflammation and swelling in joints, relieving pain

🌟 Enhances muscle tone

🌟 Improved posture

🌟 Promotes healing by increasing the flow of nutrients to the muscles, and carrying away excess fluids and toxins in the lymph and circulatory system

🌟 Creates a positive effect on the contract and release process of the muscles. When tension is released, the muscles relax

🌟 Assists in balancing and maintaining the body in better physical condition as it’s treated as a whole

🌟 Helps produce endorphins (natural pain killers)! 

🌟 Relieving muscle soreness post exercise 

🌟 Calming the nervous system and aiding in relieving stress, anxiety, and depression 

🌟 Massage can also help prevent weak, atrophied muscles while a horse is on box rest

Feel free to message via the Facebook page or email to book a session!

Remote Video Coaching

An easy and convenient way to improve your horses way of going, or your own riding/ horsemanship through video analysis. Available no matter your location. For more detailed information, how the system works, and videoing tips, check out my post here.

1 session | £6

2 sessions | £10


Shiatsu Sessions

“Shiatsu is a form of Japanese physiotherapy which can be used to treat a wide variety of issues. The majority of the work covers soft tissue injuries and movement dysfunction, such as tight muscles and stiff joints. It is safe and suitable for most horses, both to deal with specific physical concerns, and to manage stress, mental and emotional health problems.

Equine Shiatsu is purely a manual therapy and uses finger and thumb pressure on acupuncture points along the meridians in order to free restrictions in the body which allow and maintain good health – the same points as used in Veterinary Acupuncture. This pressure along the meridians, together with assisted stretching, joint mobilisation and massage, allows the body to release pain and tension gently adjusting both posture and attitude.” – The Equine Shiatsu Association.

I began studying Equine Shiatsu in 2017, passing my three year diploma and becoming a qualified practitioner in August 2020. Shiatsu techniques and stretches are applied as part of the £45 Sports Massage and Rehabilitation session. These sessions last around 1 hour (slightly longer on the first session to include an initial assessment).

For more information on this practice, see my post here!




For horses/ponies already established in their ridden work – i.e. backed and riding away in at least walk and trot. Canter can be worked on in these schooling sessions if not quite balanced or maintaining it yet.

  • Schooling, Hacking or Groundwork | 30 mins | £15
  • Schooling, Hacking or Groundwork | 45 mins – 1 hour | £25

Sessions tailored to individual preferences.



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