Remote Video Coaching

My remote video coaching sessions are designed to be an easy and convenient way to improve your horse’s way of going or your own riding/horsemanship through video analysis. Remote coaching is like having a pocket coach – available without the need to wait for your weekly slot, and avoiding any travel costs that might incur when having a coach come to you. It’s a support system to help you reach your goals, whether it be ridden or on the ground, at a time and place most convenient to you. No need to work around your coach’s availability, or struggle with balancing your time!

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Diatomaceous Earth: Natural Worming for Horses

I first heard of and used diatomaceous earth (DE) when I was working on a ranch in California. I was intrigued to learn that this white powder, which we were adding to the horses feed, had numerous health benefits, including being a natural wormer. The lady who owned the ranch claimed she hadn’t had any issues with worms for years and owned a large number of horses, all of which received a small cup of DE a day.

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